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As a life-long athlete, I am aware that getting injuries is part of the contract.Eight months ago I suffered a shoulder injury as a result of a five-hour martial arts test.  What began as a dull, nagging ache, over time became a consistent, deep pain with tingling in my elbow and fingers.  An MRI revealed shoulder impingement syndrome and tendonitis of the shoulder.  After nearly three months of conventional therapy (anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, cortisone shots, and massage) I still had chronic pain in the shoulder and extreme muscle tightness in and around the shoulder blade. 

When a friend suggested consulting Alice Billman and trying Hellerwork, I was initially skeptical because I wrongly assumed it was like traditional massage.  However, after only one session with Alice, I noticed a remarkable improvement.  During the session I was amazed that Alice was able to quickly locate problematic areas on and around my shoulder that been completely overlooked by physicians, physical therapists, and massage therapists.  I left the first session pain-free for the first time in months.  In subsequent sessions with Alice, I have consistently had positive results, and learned how Hellerwork leads to long-term pain relief.

I have found Alice to be professional, knowledgeable, and passionate about healing.  I plan to keep working with Alice to insure that my shoulder heals correctly, and to prevent potential future injuries.

Marc D. Rich, Ph.D.
University Professor

"I have Cerebral Palsy, and for a long time my therapists had only been able to delay my continued deterioration as my muscles tightened up and
my body became twisted. I had an invasive surgery that ended up having little effect, and I became resigned to ending up in a wheelchair when my joints gave out from the strain."

"Not any more! (Hellerwork) was able in one session to do more than other therapists did in months, and after a few sessions my back became almost entirely straight. Even better, Alice used a systemic view of how my muscles interacted to identify a major root of the problem which my other therapists has discounted."

"Alice combines excellent technique with a strong physiological and kinesiological framework. Giving Alice (and Hellerwork) a try has changed my life!"

Oren Litwin
Norwalk, CA

"Almost a year ago, I fell down in an empty swimming pool, my feet flying out from under me while I came crashing down on my shoulders, back and elbows. The pain surfaced almost a year later and started to impact everything that I did. Opening doors, brushing my teeth, picking up the cat; in short almost everything thing that I did with my right arm brought up the pain. Soon this pain was constant, in other words the arm hurt 24/7."

"After 3 months of living with this, I called Alice. After two sessions the pain was reduced by 50%. Then I re-injured the arm. No problem, two more sessions and the pain was 75% less. After 5 sessions, I am 99% pain free! And I fully expect to be completely pain free after a few more sessions."

- R.P.
Downey, CA

"Alice helped improve my posture and my body moved more freely after one session. I was also moved by the way I felt cared for.  If there is such a thing as a true healer, I believe she embodies that energy."

- Dave Anderson,
San Rafael, CA

Thank you , thank you, THANK YOU!  I can't believe my own eyes ... my "before" pictures look like someone else!  I don't even remember being that rigid looking and slouched at the same time!  No wonder I was always unhappy and in pain.  My life has changed because of the Hellerwork.  I now have a new job and a new love in my life.  I don't think I would have changed a THING if it hadn't been for the Hellerwork and Alice.

- Susan Johnson, Los Alamitos, CA

I don't know what I'd do without you!  When I first came in to see you, I was in constant pain and could barely manage my day.  After completing the Hellerwork series I now hike, swim, run, bike and dance like a teenager.  This has been an amazing transformation for me.  I can't thank you enough.

- Terry Gibbs, Long Beach, CA

I have to tell you, I was in yoga this morning and I was doing the "pigeon pose" (if you don't know that one, it's typically a pose where one who has knee issues must not do it, or do a sitting variation.  I've been doing a variation for some time.)
Anyway, I was in the pigeon pose and it hit me,  "HEY! I'm in the pigeon pose! My knee felt so good, I didn't even think about it!"

So, I want to keep you abreast of the difference the session with you is still making!!!!

- Cheryl Hunter, Venice CA
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